5 Tips to Find a Job ASAP

5 Helpful Tips to Find a Job During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way employers are hiring! During this time, online interviewing and remote jobs are booming. It may be a challenge trying to navigate at first but keep reading for worthwhile tips to make the most of your job search and find a job.

1. Update Your Resume

When was the last time you updated your resume? Does it fully highlight your skills and talents? Use your time to ensure your resume reflects your abilities. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to tailor it to your desired career-path!

2. Put Yourself Out There! Online, That Is…

The pandemic taught us how the Internet can bring us closer together. Employers have flocked to LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, and Indeed to search for new hires online. The key is to maximize your visibility by creating accounts, updating your profiles, and showcasing your abilities. This makes it much easier for hiring managers to review your experience and contact you for an interview!

3. Be Open to New Career Paths

Applying for jobs in another field or industry is a great way to try something new! Take this time to consider different avenues that pique your interest. Who knows – you might enjoy it more than your current career path!

4. Consider Working Remotely

In certain industries, it may be difficult to find a job that will allow you to work in-person. Or perhaps you’re wanting to avoid face-to-face interactions altogether. The good news is that remote jobs are available and searching for qualified candidates. In fact, some companies were able to cut costs during and after the pandemic by going permanently remote!

5. Stay Optimistic and Embrace Change

While it may be a stressful and unsure time, there are certainly enough jobs to go around. Your next opportunity, whether it’s a temporary position or a full career, is just a few clicks away. Keep applying until you get an offer and embrace this time of change. If you worked with our recruiters to find a job, be sure to tell them if your current position is working for you! They’re happy to help, and their goal is to support you in finding the best fitting position for your needs.

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