Returning to Work Post-Pandemic

Returning to Work ASAP Post-Pandemic

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Entering or re-entering the workforce can be a daunting experience. There are a number of worries that can be addressed simply by applying at the right company. In this article we’ll walk you through some of the situations our associates have overcome to get a great job during the pandemic, and what you can do to set your career on the right path in a post-COVID world.

Returning to the Workforce with a Work History Gap

Employers are looking for several things when they’re sorting through candidates. Things like experience, certificates, and diplomas can make a big difference when sizing up two similar applicants. One of the main qualities they want in an employee, whether they’re looking for temporary or permanent employment for that candidate, is consistent work history. Large gaps in employment raise questions about the potential employee’s dependability or work ethic.

Not to worry, though: gaps were very common during the pandemic and employers have already learned that 2020 was an unprecedented year for businesses around the globe.

If you experienced a layoff or lapse in work during the pandemic, your best course of action would be to:

  1. Explain the circumstances of your layoff honestly, yet graciously in your work history.
  2. Grab a job, even a temporary job, to get some experience towards your career.
  3. Update your resume, adding any current (or your most recent) experience.
  4. Consider working with a staffing agency like ASAP to be your advocate with employers.

Entering the Workforce for the First Time

Pandemic aside, getting a job for the first time can be just as daunting. Without experience or connections, it might seem as though the only option is the first place that accepts your resume. Thankfully, that’s not usually the case, especially if you have a recruiter on your side vying for the right position that will positively impact your career. Using a staffing agency could be the difference between working in a position outside of your field and apprenticing under a professional in your industry.

Not only do temp agencies have the connections with local businesses currently hiring, but we also have the manpower and experience to act as your liaison with potential employers. This can be very helpful when dealing with things like resume writing, interview prep, and employee rights in the workplace. Our job is to match candidates with a position that fits their skillset and future endeavors.

Get by With a Little Help (From Your Friends at ASAP)

If you were to ask most people why they work, they’d say “to get paid”. Which is true, obviously! But it simplifies a very complicated relationship with an employee and their employer. Employees provide skills, experience, labor, and stability for a company. Employers provide money, yes, but also in some cases training, health care, retirement investments, disability, and other related benefits. When you work with us, you get things like healthcare, vision/dental, and disability as an option up front, not after 90 days or a certain number of hours. We also pay every Friday like clockwork, offer HR support for associates, and will intervene on your behalf with the employer in the case of any workplace issues.

If you’re ready to enter or re-enter the workforce, consider letting us work for you. Our goal is to set you up for success with all the tools you need to succeed. We have numerous jobs open and ready to hire ASAP (no pun intended). Try our online application at and let’s get to work!

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