The ASAP Bonus Program

ASAP Personnel Services associates are diligent and hard-working within their respective fields. Their dedication to their craft has not gone unnoticed and we are proud to provide a new way to show them our gratitude. 

Introducing the ASAP Bonus Program, a program designed to celebrate our associates’ continued hard work.  

How it Works

Associates / Employees can earn up to $300 in exchange for working 720 hours over the course of six months. 

Payment is broken up into three sections: 

  • 80 hours – Earn $50 of $300 bonus.
  • 360 hours – Earn additional $100 of $300 bonus.
  • 720 hours – Earn remaining $150 of $300 bonus. 

Associates must be employed on the date of check to receive a bonus. 

Who Qualifies 

The Bonus Program is for all new hires, current associates, and returning associates after one year of not working through ASAP Personnel Services. This program is available in every ASAP location.

Qualified associates and new hires must complete the Bonus Program Agreement Form to include acknowledgement of pay out process and dated signature.

Sign Up Form

Sign Up (Espanol)

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