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Searching for a job can be a trying process and finding the right job can seem impossible if you go it alone. Staffing agencies have been around since the 1950’s and have grown to become an industry that revolves around the employee, not the employer. At ASAP Personnel Services, our focus is you, the associate, and making your job search process easy. We offer support, resources, and connections to help candidates get noticed, and land positions that match their qualifications (at companies that are hiring). If you’re interested in our team assisting in your job search, here are five things to know before you make your first visit to our office.

1.  We work one-on-one with you

We recommend coming to the office by yourself, expecting to meet one-on-one with a recruiter. We offer individualized, personal support to all of our job seekers, as we want you to have the best shot at getting the job. Set your expectations for job offers that match your previous work history and compliment your skillsets.

2.  This is an interview!

Dress to impress for the job that you want. Be advised the first meeting with our recruiter is an interview to go over your skills, career aspirations, and work history. As such, be sure to have either a resume, or the details and dates of your most recent four positions in mind and be sure to dress appropriately for the position you’d like to apply for.

3.  Application computers are available in our lobby

No computer at home? No worries! Our lobby is outfitted with several computers attuned to our current jobs, meaning you can apply right in our lobby, and then meet a recruiter immediately afterwards! We do ask that only applicants visit the lobby. Remember, this is an interview!  Anything you wouldn’t take to an interview (a spouse, a house shoe, a philly cheesesteak sandwich, etc.) shouldn’t come through our lobby.

4.  We partner with local businesses that are hiring

The positions we are seeking to fill are with qualified businesses that need employees ASAP. We match those partners’ positions with qualified candidates that fit the skillset. Our reputation with local businesses to we provide them with quality, dependable service, and we use our reputation to get candidates connected to jobs they are qualified for.

5.  We offer benefits and we pay weekly

When you accept a job through ASAP Personnel Services, you may report to a new boss, but remember, you work for us. What this means is that you’re eligible for insurance, benefits, and weekly pay immediately, and you have ASAP Personnel as a significant advocate in your corner. If you’re ready to take pride in your position, check our job board or stop by for an interview at any ASAP Personnel Services location!

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